Making life better for people receiving cancer treatment

We are pioneering virtual oncology solutions that empower patients with greater freedom and equip healthcare professionals with the insights to make more informed and personalised clinical decisions.

We share a common goal with healthcare professionals to achieve the best quality of life and outcomes for patients.

What do we offer?

Revolutionary cancer care

Home icon with purple medical cross symbol

Home blood monitoring

8 purple circles in varying shades of purple in dispersed diamond pattern

Cloud network & database

Folder full of medical records

EHR Integration


Digital solutions

Dashboard icon with charts and graphs

Data visualisation and dashboards

2 speech bubbles signifying patient and health professional interaction

Patient support

Randomly dispersed purple circles

3rd party data

Circular graph with trendlines


Impact of our virtual oncology solutions

Up to 80% reduction

in routine hospital appointments

Up to 8X faster insight

into patient health

Up to £ 1,000 saved

from patient travel costs per year

I see what we’re doing as being utterly transformational. This is the future of healthcare. The idea that we can give patients back their freedom.

Toby Basey-Fisher, CEO, Entia

Entia Liberty

A ground-breaking innovation by Entia that promises to redefine cancer care by making a difference in everyday lives of patients.

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Entia is transforming the delivery of cancer care in a way that suits the needs of patients and eases the burden of healthcare systems. Collaborate with us on this journey of innovation to make a difference in the lives of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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