Different patients need different approaches

Every patient responds differently to cancer therapy. The better we understand a patient's tolerance of cancer therapy the more effectively we can tailor it and the more likely they are to live a longer, healthier life.

At home monitoring and analytics solutions that unlock the insights doctors need to deliver more personalised treatment.

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To fight cancer we need to know what works´╗┐

At Entia we believe the solution to knowing what works just takes three simple steps.

Home Monitoring

Collecting data on blood, vitals and symptoms or side effects

Real-time insights

Data is analysed and then sent automatically to doctors via Cloud software


Clear, clever software helps doctors organise patient insights

Our Mission :

To build a world where we all live longer and healthier lives because cancer treatment is personalised to us

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Home monitoring can transform cancer care

We believe that home monitoring can improve the overall experience of cancer care for both patients and healthcare professionals by allowing for:

More care from home

Fewer, milder side effects

Reducing the cost of cancer care

Liberty changes everything

For the first time ever we can see how patients respond to cancer treatment, in real time, from home

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Transforming Healthcare: Entia's Story

ABHI has produced a documentary series focusing on the Health Tech community and showcasing powerful examples of how data and technology will transform healthcare and patients' lives in the future.

The ABHI selected Entia as one of the leading Health Tech organisations transforming the healthcare industry with their innovations in personalised cancer care.

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Entia is working with leading healthcare providers and life science companies to improve the quality of cancer care whilst reducing costs.

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