Partnering with Entia

Share our goal of empowering patients through treatment and monitoring in the home

Partnering with Entia

Who we work with

Entia works with organisations who share our goal of empowering patients through treatment and monitoring in the home. Our journey has led us to work with some of the world's most ambitious healthcare providers and leading pharmaceutical companies in partnerships that are redefining the treatment of life-changing conditions.

Reducing the burden on healthcare systems

From patients to the wider healthcare community, our home monitoring systems free up precious resources. Our home monitoring solutions can substantially reduce the clinical burden associated with the monitoring and management of pharmaceutical treatments. Additionally, frequent monitoring allows for faster and possibly life-saving interventions. This will improve the way that medication is provided to patients and lead to better health outcomes.

Innovative health technology

From novel self-testing blood analysers to digital health solutions, we create comprehensive home monitoring solutions from the ground up; drawing on the applications of design, engineering, and medical science.

Our solutions benefit patients, carers and healthcare providers by allowing treatment decisions to be made remotely by healthcare teams. This reduces appointments and frees up time for patients.

User-centric design

We nurture partnerships with world-renowned teaching hospitals and community practitioners, ensuring we are keenly listening and developing our products to meet the needs of patients, professionals and the wider healthcare community. This process of co-designing with all stakeholders is embedded throughout the development process of our products.

Scientific and regulatory capabilities

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are experienced in conducting clinical trials and studies to validate the capabilities of our products. Our regulatory experience includes CE marking of multiple medical devices, and development in line with international quality standards such as IS0 13485.

"I see what we're doing as being utterly transformational. This is the future of healthcare. The idea that we can give patients back their freedom." Toby, CEO & Founder

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