Our mission

"To make cancer and other life-changing health conditions easier to live with by treating and managing them from home."

We can fundamentally improve people’s physical, social and emotional quality of life by moving care into the comfort of their own home, so they can spend time with loved ones in the place they are most comfortable.


Our products are created to allow people with life-changing health conditions to regain their independence. Part of that mission is ensuring that we provide the simple, intuitive products they need to monitor and manage their condition at home.

Our home monitoring solutions are enhancing healthcare systems globally. We will remove constraints on time and resources for healthcare professionals, achieving better interactions between them and their patients.


We are shifting the burden away from hospitals by enabling patients to perform their own tests and condition management from home. This allows physicians to better monitor patient health and ensure they are receiving the best possible treatment; ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

Quality is at the core of what we do, developing products reinforced with insights and evidence.


We build innovative in-house products from the ground up, working in partnership with many top healthcare providers. In line with standards such as ISO 13485, we perform rigorous quality testing and validate all products with data from clinical trials.

We are supported by:

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