We are redefining the treatment of cancer and other life-changing health conditions with our advanced home monitoring solutions, for the benefit of patients, physicians, and the wider global healthcare community.

Redefining the treatment of cancer and other life-changing health conditions
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Patients and Home Monitoring

Our revolutionary approach to home monitoring allows patients to monitor and manage their own conditions in the place where they are most comfortable. Importantly, this improves patient quality of life by overcoming multiple issues; the ability to access care, having to take time off work and being away from the support of loved ones.

Our home monitoring solutions are purpose-built to enable the treatment of specific health conditions. Each device is designed with the patient in mind, ensuring they are simple and intuitive to use.

Our innovative blood tests are performed with a single drop of capillary blood, minimising the burden of laboratory tests on the patient. Our home monitoring solutions can track a range of parameters, including haemoglobin, white blood cell counts, neutrophil counts and platelet counts.

Completed test results are collected and stored with ease directly via our secure cloud-based systems. Additionally, we can collect complementary data ranging from blood pressure results to body weight and symptoms, allowing for comprehensive home monitoring.

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Professionals and Healthcare

Remote health monitoring allows for simpler management and better health outcomes. With our home management systems', patient status can be checked, potential adverse events flagged and treatment readiness can be verified. This offers vast opportunities for physicians to optimise patient care.

Healthcare providers can also benefit from the ability to better schedule appointments based on patient health and readiness for treatment. Through home testing, we reduce unnecessary routine testing and ease the burden on precious hospital resources.

When testing or recording information, patient data is uploaded into our secure cloud systems dedicated to the storage and transfer of information. Additionally, specialist modules can perform calculations on the stored data to further inform clinical decisions. Our custom dashboards and APIs allow healthcare professionals to access patient data for analysis and clinical decision making.

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Our data sets allow for a wealth of insights into patient health, with a truly unique capability to see real-time treatments in a real-life environment - at scale. We strongly believe that by working with partners, we can develop insights that will improve patient health outcomes for all.

This is why we're always open to partnerships across the healthcare community, whether for pharmaceutical clinical trials, product development, or redefining the delivery of patient care.

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