Entia are dedicated to empowering patients by giving them control of their treatment through self-testing solutions. Our mission is to bring the daily management of cancer and similarly life changing conditions into the comfort of the home. This fundamentally shifts the accepted norms of patients’ lives revolving around doctors’ appointments, testing and hospital visits, which also places huge strain on healthcare systems. This mission is largely supported through strong partnerships with organisations that share our goals and beliefs.

As we continue to invest our resources into the new and innovative ways we can modernise healthcare, we actively look for partnerships that could support this change in approach.

Entia works with some of the world’s most ambitious healthcare providers and leading pharmaceutical companies, all working towards the common goal of empowering the patient and taking pressure off the healthcare system.

We also work alongside world-renowned teaching hospitals and community practitioners, as we feel it’s these partnerships that allow us to best understand the needs of patients, professionals and the wider healthcare community.

What a Partnership Looks Like

Our technology will allow you to take elements of routine testing out of the hospital and into a remote setting. This can prove invaluable when working with patients with limited mobility, where travel to and from the hospital can be challenging.

Patients that are currently undergoing chemotherapy will also have a weakened immune system during and after treatment, so limiting travel will help protect them against contracting any further illnesses.

If you’re a healthcare provider or pharmaceutical company, home monitoring will give you real life performance data of the treatments your patients are undergoing. This data can then be used to build evidence and demonstrate the results of a new treatment plan. These improvements can have long term benefits to patients, and wider healthcare systems.

When you partner with Entia, you’re partnering with a truly innovative healthcare company, with quality at our core. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, conducting extensive clinical trials and studies to truly validate the capabilities of our products. Our regulatory experience includes CE marking of multiple medical devices, and development in line with international quality standards such as ISO 13485.

If you share our goals and want to be part of the mission to revolutionise healthcare solutions through home-monitoring – get in touch with us. View Partnerships here