Haemoglobin Monitoring in the Home

The Luma mission: ‘Life made better’

'Life made better' celebrates the meaningful moments Luma enables patients to have.

Our goal is to help people reclaim control of their health through self-testing haemoglobin levels from home, all with a simple finger prick blood test.

The Luma home monitoring solution empowers patients - reducing the burden of attending regular routine blood tests and leaving them with more time to spend doing what they love.

Healthcare Professionals can monitor patient haemoglobin levels more regularly and remotely, whilst using less resources and freeing up precious capacity within the healthcare system.

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Luma is a CE marked medical device that has been designed specifically for patient use. It’s lightweight, portable and battery powered, making it easy to manage.

Each test requires only a drop of blood, which is taken from a finger prick blood test. This can be easily performed at home. The test sample is then spun in Luma’s internal centrifuge, which separates the components within the blood so the haemoglobin level can be analysed. Within just one minute, the analysis process is complete, allowing regular testing to seamlessly become part of the user’s routine.

Readings are reported to the patients’ healthcare team on a regular basis, allowing treatments to be adjusted and any deterioration in health to be detected, all while patients remain at home

  1. The patient uses the lancet to prick their finger and collects the sample in the cuvette.
  2. The cuvette is then inserted into the Luma device.
  3. The patient presses the green button on their Luma device to start the analysing process – around 60 seconds.
  4. The results of the analysis are now ready to view and are stored in the device.
  5. Patients can upload their results to the Luma App, which allows them to be easily visualised and exported for Healthcare Professionals.

The Luma App has been specifically designed to help patients access helpful insight so they can build up an accurate picture of how their haemoglobin results are doing, from one week to the next.

The app can be kept up to date with medication taken, as well as dosages and missed doses - helping patients to understand any changes which might be impacting their haemoglobin levels.

Patients are also encouraged to log how they feel physically and emotionally – while the app can also be used to track information about periods – all providing a holistic overview which helps patients to identify connections between their day-to-day lives in relation to their haemoglobin levels.

Finally, the alert functionality can be customised to remind patients to stay on track with their testing and medication.

Professional use

The Luma device can be prescribed by a healthcare professional to a patient, with test kits sent directly to the patient’s home. It allows patients and clinicians to monitor haemoglobin levels, facilitating any necessary therapeutic adjustments, with a reduction in the number of routine blood tests.

Personal use

Patients carry out the tests in the comfort of their own home, with equipment arriving at their door and results regularly sent to their clinician. This reduces the need for routine blood testing, allowing the patient to spend more time doing what they love.

Visit the Luma website

Technical Specifications

Blood Sample Volume8µL
SizeW=78mm L=83mm H=52mm
Consumables shelf life (years)2
Power supplyLithium-ion rechargeable
Operating temperature5-45C
Device user interfaceTouch Screen (colour)
Measurement time (seconds)60
Duration of use on single charge100 measurements
Weight96 g
Helping patients take control of their daily health

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