Better cancer care starts with Liberty

The power of Liberty

Monitoring and managing the side effects of cancer therapy is challenging and costly.

Liberty is set to change this.

A unique home-based blood analyser and digital solution, Liberty lets doctors remotely monitor their patient's treatment tolerance - and spot any sign of side-effects - in real time, without needing to utilise additional healthcare resources.

Monitoring made easy

At the heart of Liberty lies our proprietary blood analyser that allows patients to perform simple blood tests from home.

This cloud-connected analyser already offers insights into blood counts and will soon be capable of an array of other tests. When combined with vitals, symptoms and signs, Liberty allows for the richest insights into a patient's health, while preserving the patient freedom that earned it its name.

Simple, clear insights

Liberty sends data from a patient's home securely to Entia's cloud network, where built-in analytics highlight any patients requiring attention.

Working with our partners, we've also designed convenient integrations; from stand-alone dashboards to integration with electronic health records.

How it works

From enrolment of patients, to successful completion of a programme, our team ensures that every interaction with Liberty is simple and valuable.

For healthcare providers, Entia works closely with users to support protocol creation, training and adoption. We also manage all logistics and onboarding of patients following their enrolment onto Liberty.

Liberty in action

Pricking finger with cuvette to collect blood sample

A simple finger prick to collect the blood sample in a cuvette


The cuvette is loaded into the device and a measurement performed

Health care professional interpreting results of Liberty testing in doctors office

Results are uploaded, analysed and presented back to the healthcare professional

This approach resonates with me as a single mom who worked full time for the duration of the treatment. I am able to continue treatment at my convenience with medical supervision.

Ann, Cancer Patient

Improving patient quality of life

Cancer tends to take over a life. Even when the disease itself is kept in check, there are endless - and expensive - trips to the doctor for tests, appointments and check-ups.

But through at-home monitoring, Liberty helps avoid many (or even most) of these trips, while also arming doctors with greater insights to help keep treatment on track.

This approach is extremely helpful in terms of monitoring patients, preventing complications by enabling early intervention. It saves patient and caregiver strain. It also saves the burden on staff.

Dr David, Oncologist

Truly informed treatment decisions

Liberty has the power to give clinicians unparalleled insights into their patients' health.

From assessing patient readiness for treatment through to early identification of complications, Liberty is designed to help cancer care achieve more and cost less.

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